About us...

Picture This Daytona was created from an idea 10 years in the making. Sounds crazy but, it really all started with a "No." Our founder has had a passion for photography for over 30 years. Every time she got professional pics taken, she would ask, "Can I take my own pics with your backgrounds?" The answer was always "Sorry, but no". Even though she knew what the answer would be, she ALWAYS asked. One of her favorite sayings in life is "Just ask. The worse that could happen is they tell me 'No.' But they just MIGHT say yes, so I ask!" So after years of hearing "No" she decided to team up with her amazing friend to create Picture This Daytona. We're here, giving YOU the "yes" she always wanted. Picture THAT! 

Meet Picture This Dayton's crew! 


Our Foun​der

and Partner

She's what we call a serial entrepreneur. Gifted in all things she touches; from food, to art, to people! Her love for good energy is tangible. She's the owner of A TOUCH OF HEAVEN massage and waxing spa, in Port Orange. Her passions include helping the helpless, loving the unloved and giving a welcoming smile to all who come in contact with her. She is unstoppable when she sets her mind to achieve a goal. Her light shines in all she does.


Our Artistic Director

and Partner

She's a gentle but mighty force with the gift to turn any vision into reality. She has a passion for people and an eye for all things lovely. She's a massage therapist at A TOUCH OF HEAVEN massage and waxing spa and a CNA. Taking care of others is what she naturally is gifted to do. Her passions include cooking, styling hair for family and friends and party/event planning. Her gifts make room for her and the world gets to enjoy them. 

As a team, we have a unified mindset to reach goals. We are a melting pot of natural gifts with a drive to succeed! From that, Picture This Daytona was birthed. So from our hearts to yours, ENJOY! 

Now let's have some fun! Show us what you've get!